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Natural food for your pet

Good nutrition is, as in humans, essential for good health in our pets. At East West Vets we believe in a top quality, natural, raw diet. In raw food we find vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes which are advantageous to health and immunity, and we find that many problems can be cured or improved by a more natural diet incorporating raw foods.

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At East West Vets we make our own range of fresh food combinations that your pet will love. Our foods come in 5 varieties including 3 complete mixes with chicken, beef or kangaroo and 2 cheaper varities with chicken and beef. All our foods are made using local produce which consist of 8 fruits and vegetables, selected seasonally. Eight energetic herbs are added to the complete mix varieties to stimulate digestion and circulation.

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Commercial raw food diets are available, but most have faults (in our opinion) such as high fat content, garlic or ginger, which makes them unsuitable for many animals. All cooked, baked commercial foods have a high glycemic index and so promote a range of inflammatory diseases. That's why we make our own!

Individual needs vary however. Physiology is complex and where one pet can live happily on canned food, another will suffer when on the same diet. We look at body balance and fitness when suggesting an individual dietary plan for your pet. We have charts of food energetics and always explain to you the reason for recommending a particular diet for your pet.

We often suggest that a high percentage of raw food is suitable for most of our clients but we recognise that dry food is a common convenience food and are happy to work in with what is most convenient.

Prepared dry foods

If you prefer a dry food, we recommend and supply Advance dry food. This food is made in Australia, which makes it preferable to the brands manufactured overseas, some of which have had toxicity problems.

We also stock some canned and packaged foods for your convenience, including the American made Hills prescription diet foods. These provide specific support for a number of chronic diseases.

To understand more about the role of diet in your pet’s wellbeing, read our article on Nutritional Medicine.