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What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medicine is a fast growing area of modern medicine having been belatedly recognised by doctors as important. A good diet is a potent preventative.

An example of this is the commonly used Cranberry juice to prevent cystitis. Research has shown that cranberry reduces bacterial adherence to the bladder wall, allowing the natural exit of bacteria and debris to occur and preventing a build up of toxic bacteria.

It is always nice to know that what has been used for centuries has been validated.

At East West Vets Bentleigh we encourage:

 1. a good diet with low G.I. and high vitamin and antioxidants
 2. dieting to achieve an ideal body weight
 3. the tailoring of energetic propertieds of the food to the individual animal e.g. a cool diet to an overheated dog.
 4. specific dietary component to help prevent or counter chronic disease.       
At East West Vets Bentleigh we can provide you with a range of fresh food combinations that your pet will love. Our foods come in 5 varieties including 3 complete mixes with chicken, beef or kangaroo and 2 cheaper varities with chicken and beef. All our foods are made using local produce which consist of 8 fruits and vegetables, selected seasonally. Eight energetic herbs are added to the complete mix varieties to stimulate digestion and circulation.


Food Therapy selections.