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Thunderstorm Phobias


No matter what time of year it is here in Melbourne, we can always be lashed by thunderstorms. For many dogs who suffer from ‘thunder phobia’ this can cause anxiety and stress. Symptoms of ‘thunder phobia’ can include panting, whimpering, trembling, hiding and sometimes incontinence and destructive behaviour. As your dog ages these symptoms often worsen and kindly owners who attempt to comfort their pets during storms, actually often reinforce the behaviour, as the pet then thinks that there is indeed something to worry about!


1.Make sure there is no escape for a panicking animal as they can easily run onto the road or other unsafe places.

2.Ensure that there is a safe hiding spot for your pet eg under a desk or in a cupboard (a confined spot).

3.‘Thunder shirts’ are useful although not necessarily 100% curative. They do however have a money back guarantee.

4. Calmative herbs.

5.Acclimatizing and conditioning C.D.’s  are available to get animals used to loud noises.

6.Sedatives.... if all else fails!