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How East West Vets treat cancer.

At East West Vets Bentleigh we follow an extensive and varied approach to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We would like to share this with you for your information.


Assessment with Western prognosis and probable treatments.
Assessment with Chinese pathology.
Radionic testing of nutraceuticals.
Discuss approach – this is completely up to the individual.

TREATMENT - Is always discussed with the owner and can be multifaceted. The treatment is often chosen subsequent to hair testing.

ENVIRONMENT – Check pollutants – electronic/chemical/ etc.

• Remove any dietary cancer accelerants; so we reduce protein, reduce sugars and cooked carbohydrates reduce cooked fats and reduce cooked oils (triglycerides).
• Put in foods to support basic physiology, nutraceuticals and work with Chinese food energtics.  (We use “Helping Ourselves by Daverick Leggett).
• We encourage clients to follow the basics of the GERSON DIET with lots of raw vegetables and liver daily.

CHECK      Gut dysbiosis – diet, yoghurt, enzymes, prebiotics, good fibres, probiotics and antioxidants.

TREAT      Emotions. Flower essences  Communication–Meditation.
   Homeopathics – basic types.

VITAMINS Are normally provided through a good diet but may be supplemented.

STRESS  Acupuncture, meditation, exercise.

HERBS  Very important to balance the body.

RADIONICS to assess alternative nutritional factors for an individual we test efficacy  of 24 simple anticancer supplements.