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Hair Testing.   

A study in Sydney using x-ray diffraction of one human hair showed 23 out of 23 people with mammary cancer showed a grossly changed diffraction pattern around the tested hairs. In the control group 2 showed the ‘cancer’ pattern but these two might possibly develop cancer later or be prone to the disease (James et.al. 1999).

At East West Vets, our machine does not use X-ray diffraction but uses electromagnetic fields and we can measure this on our radionic machine through specific frequencies, which over the decades of use have been found to be related to organs or areas or specific diseases.  Since cancer cells have a low electrical charge due to membrane potential reduction they produce an altered 'resonance' which is clearly measurable. We use hair as a representative bit of a body from which changes in electromagnetic fields can be measured.  Our machine is for measuring but it can also make homeopathic or energetic medicine and emit scalar (rectangular radio) waves. Scalar waves are used to reprogram poorly functioning organs in the hope of increasing their activity; this has appeared to be surprisingly effective when we have used it but we have not done a lot of this in our clinic as it is not clearly understood.

Hair test article

Hair tests are more accurate than ultrasounds in diagnosis of mammary cancers in humans and diagnostic machines are being developed to be used by hospitals.
With many cancers there are identifiable initiating agents such as viruses or asbestos. Some follow a less defined accumulation of metabolic changes or toxins in the body due to, for example, gut dysbiosis (changes in the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut), or poor Phase II liver detoxification which often precedes neoplasia.

Many cancer initiating agents are electrophiles which affect the cell plasma membrane by changing the electrical potential and so resulting in intracellular alkalization and extracellular acidification. Among many changes, this activates extracellular degrading enzymes that allow tumours expression; the lower intracellular potassium and magnesium and higher sodium levels alter the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the cell and are thought to result in an anaerobic environment more conducive to tumour expression. The high  intracellular pH alters gene suppression and repair which has been shown to result in the genetic defects commonly seen in malignancies.
Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) from anaerobic glycolysis is a marker of the aggression of a tumour and elevated levels can indicate a resistance to radiation or chemotherapy.

Any treatment we offer must address the whole picture to improve cellular defences and our strategies include:

At East West Vets we believe that our approach is productive, intelligent and could be widely used in the practice of medicine generally with benefits to all. We travel a path of observation and discovery with the clients. This path gives my life meaning and joy and ensures a daily flow of new clients to my clinic.

Written by Dr Ann Nevill


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