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Behaviour and Emotion

Behaviour and emotion are often pointers to body disharmonies  They may be the obvious sign of a body which is not getting what it needs.

Most dogs will be given sufficient love and calories but the energetic content of the food may not suit.

Wheat and dairy produce are all cooling and encourage damp phlegm, obesity and inactivity which might suit some dogs such as kelpies but will not suit many breeds. Overcooked foods like kibble are heating, as are a lot of herbs and spices.

All cooked foods are high Glycaemic Index which can lead to sugar highs and lows. Many foods in Australia are mineral deficient as we have old soils which have been depleted by thousands of years of rains. This mineral lack will affect some pets more than others.

We are often asked to treat anxiety or mood swings in dogs and cats and we use dietary advice, acupuncture and herbs to help balance the animal’s energy. Pulse taking is an important diagnostic tool. Acupuncture helps remove energy blocks which may be making animals more prone to fear, anger and confusion. Herbs can be chosen which will cool, calm, balance and improve the spirit.

Many younger animals need more exercise than we can easily provide before they become relaxed and happy. Fortunately there are professional dog walkers around. We recommend 2 walks a day the longer the better.

Two puppies running.