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About Us


In the early 1990’s Dr Ann Nevill was becoming frustrated with the conventional reliance on drugs to control suppression of disease. She had a dream of a veterinary clinic where vets with an interest in a holistic approach to medicine and practicing different natural therapies could work together to provide much more than western medicine.

So in 1994 - when the interest rates were 13.5%, and everyone told Ann she was mad - she started South Road Animal Health, Bentleigh,  now known as East West Vets at 565 South Rd.

The clinic has grown hugely over the years. It now consists of three consulting rooms, a large surgery room with the latest equipment and a recovery area where the staff can watch the patients after surgery and be on hand.

Ann can say now that her dream has come true! She has had significant success and cured many difficult diseases in animals where owners have tried other vets and come to her as their last resort.

East and west

Our Mission

Our mission at East West Vets is to integrate healing modalities and common sense with excellent diagnostics and medicine. We aim to prevent and cure disease not just “treat symptoms”, working with the immune system to normalise and strengthen it. Our medical practices are based on the most recent scientific studies in the veterinary and human fields, supported by Chinese and nutritional medicine, and drawing on alternative diagnostic and treatment modalities wherever appropriate.

We offer consultative assessments in a relaxed environment and go that extra mile for very ill patients. We avoid using drugs where possible and practicable, drawing on a wide range of other options that are equally or even more effective in preventing and treating disease, and aim to see just what good medicine and excellent supportive care can achieve. Our treatments are cost effective and we pride ourselves on giving the owners the information to be able to better understand what is going on with their pet’s health and future management.

At East West Vets we provide a fear free clinic that animals are happy to attend. Our clients come from word of mouth recommendations and often arrive after western treatments have disappointed them or failed to resolve issues. Many clients say that they have been looking for “something like us” for many years and they wish they had found us sooner!

At East West Vets you can relax in our spatious reception area.