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Kinesiology and Animals

by Penny Fitzgerald, Diploma of Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a complementary health therapy that uses muscle monitoring to determine blockages in the body’s energy system. These blockages can be physical or emotional. Once the blockages have been determined, they can be cleared, allowing the return of good health and wellbeing.

Kinesiology works extremely well with all animals. It can be used on pets suffering from anxiety, grief, behavioural problems or allergies, as well as many more issues. A session takes approximately half an hour, and the muscle monitoring is done on a surrogate, working on behalf of the animal. Negative emotions attached to the blockage are ascertained and then cleared, using a combination of magnetic energy and Bush Flower essences.

I have been working as a Kinesiologist for over 10 years and extended my practice to include animals 3 years ago. Animals are very responsive to this therapy and improvement can be seen straight away. I started using kinesiology on my own toy poodle, Charlie, who was very jealous of my Labrador, Louis. Charlie would nip at Louis’ back legs and tail to the point where Louis would not move if he could not see Charlie in front of him and would tuck his tail between his legs and sit down constantly to avoid being nipped. I tried everything to stop Charlie, behaviour modification, walking him on the lead in the park instead of running free, yelling at him and none of it worked. Finally in desperation I used my kinesiology skills on him and the next day he stopped nipping Louis and that was that. Since then I have helped many animals with allergies – both food allergies and allergies such as grass and other environmental allergies. I have helped animals suffering from anxiety and depression, allowing them to relax and enjoy life again. It works particularly well with rescue animals, who can often come with a lot of baggage!

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