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Medicine and Surgery.

Buda with stethoscopeAt East West Vets Bentleigh we believe in modern medicine as being often the fastest way to a cure. An accurate medical diagnosis is always helpful. We practice modern surgery with pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitoring. We embrace the convenience and knowledge modern medicine has brought us, however we see modern medicine in a historical context.

For thousands of years medicine and surgery required apprenticeship to a practitioner – a herbalist, barber, apothecary or sharman.

In 1500 a group of educated richer men decided to create ‘university’ medicine. After a couple of hundred years of dubious experimentation the advances of science gave this group some wonderful tools which they ‘owned’. Being rich and well educated they legislated so that they could prosecute anyone claiming to be an effective ‘doctor’.

This group has always had an adversarial approach to medicine in general and towards other healing modalities and historically saw themselves as better than the ones with ancient wisdom. This approach has lived on today in the medical attitude towards “alternatives.”

Modern medicine is truly amazing – as is space travel – and it allows us to do things undreamt of 100 years ago. We are all in awe of the knowledge now available and knowledge is power. We would be silly to discount it but similarly it is appropriate to regard it as only one part of the whole.

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