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Puppy School

From time to time we run a puppy school in association with a neighbouring vet. If you have a puppy that wants to join, just ring us on 9555 1899 and we will add your puppy to the next class.

Why should you attend Puppy School?

Did you know that your puppy started to learn from you from the age of 2 weeks? Research has shown that the period from 6 to 18 weeks of age is critical in acquiring good behaviour habits. In Puppy School, you will be taught how to teach your dog the ‘rules’ and not wait for him/her to get it wrong and then be punished. Your puppy will also learn how to behave around other dogs. Socialization is crucial even if you have another dog at home – not to mention a lot of fun for the puppy!

When and where?Puppies playing with each other at our puppy school in Bentleigh

Puppy School is conducted as 4 progressive weekly classes here at East West Vets. If however you are unable to come on consecutive weeks it is possible to attend on 4 weeks of your choice.

How much?

$70 for 4 sessions (this includes a voucher for 10% off your puppy’s desexing!) or $20 per session.

Each session comes with various progressive activities, socialisation and handouts.


Puppies who have successfully completed the 4 sessions will graduate with a certificate and puppy pack.