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Western medicine and surgery
Western medicine treats structural and metabolic disorders and conditions within the body by surgical and chemical means

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
Chinese medicine is an ancient form of healing which has been practiced for more than 5000 years.

Osteopathy is a gentle, non-invasive manual treatment designed to improve overall function of your pet’s body system.

Naturopathy (or natural healing) is a system of healing modalities that centers around the body’s natural ability to heal itself.



Glenys & Suki

"I want to say how grateful Suki and I are to be getting back to some proper sleep patterns after months of badly disrupted sleep. At night now, it's a joy to hear Suki snoring soundly, rather than panting, pacing, drinking excessively, and needing to go outside sometimes 4x a night. As a dog with Cushings Disease, he has enough to deal with, so all of us, including my husband, are very grateful for the Chinese herbs that are helping us all resume some quality of life. Thanks and blessings for your wonderful work."


Bella & Saman

"Have took my Cat to Ann ! @ East West Vet clininc. Great Imediate service. Very Kind and polite. The friendly nurses there took very good care of my lil kitty "Bella". Bella had de-sexed and vaccination done in good hands and she is feeling great ! I would like to Thank Specially to ANN Neveil and Her friendly nurses "Joe", "Nicole" & Lovely "SAM"\" Saman